Keep veganism to yourself

“I’m actually kind of against your ‘vegan project’.”

I think it’s ok to eat animals. It’s normal in nature, why can’t I do it?”

“They’re just animals…”

“If you want to wear something that looks and feels like leather, why not just buy the real thing?”

“You don’t buy wool products? Really? omg…”

I’ve heard so many comments about me being vegan that I sometimes think, why are people so dumb? But then I have to remind myself that I too didn’t know any better before. Now that I know animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction, of why almost a billion people are starving every year, of why the oceans will probably collapse within the year 2048 which will lead to mankind going extinct; how can I go back to ever buying animal products?

A vegan YouTuber that I’ve been following for a while now called “Plant Based News”, just recently uploaded a video about veganism. If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts I mentioned above, either good or bad, check out the video to learn more about why people go vegan.

Critical thinking, source checking and copyright

I haven’t written in a while and one of the reasons for that is because I’ve spent a lot of time checking for information about how to write an article and make videos without getting into any copyright problems. I’ve already made a video addressing this issue a while ago (see below for link). So I want to address briefly some of the challenges that have come up when trying to create content.

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Warning labels on meat packages

I don’t think there is a person alive in this day in age that doesn’t know that smoking is dangerous. Even though we knew for decades that it was detrimental to our health, it had to take a tremendous amount of unnecessary deaths to finally get warning labels on cigarette packages. Today, tobacco advertising is illegal in Norway and has been for a while now. The packages themselves are also hidden away so you have to ask the cashier to get one for you, or get them out of a special kind of vending machine.

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Getting comfy talking to my camera

One of the things that’s been fascinating me for a while now is how comfortable YouTubers are talking to their camera when they’re walking by themselves around tons of people. You’re literally talking to yourself like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Personally I do appreciate it when people take their cameras with them during hiking and then tell a story, so I figured today I’m going to take my camera with me for a walk and… talk to it 😮 Here is the result:

To oil or not to oil? That’s the question!

In the vegan community, there is a lot of debate whether we should be consuming oil at all. Some say it’s unhealthy for you and we should be getting our fats only from plants, like avocados, nuts and seeds. Others say oil protects against heart disease. I find the whole thing very confusing because on the one hand you have these videos from dr EsselstynKlaper and McDougall where they tell you that oil contributes to heart disease, breast cancer, obesity and so on. And on the other hand you have other videos from dr Theresa Ramsey and Everyday Health where they say it’s healthy for you!! Others claim some oils are good and others are bad. For a person who don’t have a degree in nutrition, like me, how the heck do we find out who is right?? Especially when they all seem to be having scientific evidence on their side!! I decided to do some research on this topic and here is what I found:

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Plant-based VS Vegan


A few years ago, after learning that a healthy lifestyle can prevent most heart attacks, I decided to go plant based. At the time I thought “vegan” and “plant-based” was pretty much the same thing. However, after catching up on veganism, I realized that you can be VERY unhealthy on a vegan diet. So does that mean eating a healthy plant-based diet and being vegan, is completely different? Let’s find out.

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