Critical thinking, source checking and copyright

I haven’t written in a while and one of the reasons for that is because I’ve spent a lot of time checking for information about how to write an article and make videos without getting into any copyright problems. I’ve already made a video addressing this issue a while ago (see below for link). So I want to address briefly some of the challenges that have come up when trying to create content.

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Cancer & Furious Pete – from a vegan’s point of view

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of watching YouTube-videos and recently I’ve come across a guy called “Furious Pete“. He’s a bodybuilder, a competitive eater with 9 guinness world records and also has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Unfortunately, Pete has recently been diagnosed with cancer again for the second time, which he talks openly about on his channel. In the midst of all this, there are these vegans that really piss him off, he says, because they say he got cancer from eating meat. I find this topic very interesting and since I’m vegan I wanted to share my opinion. Read More »