Yulin Dog Meat Festival


Having vacation is AMAZING! Since I woke up today I have been in bed for three hours, just scrolling through the newsfeed, Snapchat, 9gag, Instagram, and Facebook. The last post I read contained a video which left an impression on me and that was regarding the dog meat festival in Yulin. I expected to see dogs tightly packed in small cages, that they were skinned alive, or grilled on stakes. What I witnessed, however, was dogs put in bags and weighed. You might be thinking; “There was no blood or gore so, what’s the problem?”. Well, the problem was this little warning that was presented before you opened the video saying; “This video may show violent or disturbing content”.

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Politics and meat

For a good amount of time I didn’t use my vote. I found it daunting to figure out everything there was about the different parties, what they stood for, their track-record, pros & cons and so on. The final and most daunting task of them all was to compare all of them with each other to try and figure which one was worthy of my vote. I’m currently 31 years young and I only started voting recently. For some this might seem insane, but for me it made a lot of sense. Here is the story of why I started using my vote.

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Warning labels on meat packages

I don’t think there is a person alive in this day in age that doesn’t know that smoking is dangerous. Even though we knew for decades that it was detrimental to our health, it had to take a tremendous amount of unnecessary deaths to finally get warning labels on cigarette packages. Today, tobacco advertising is illegal in Norway and has been for a while now. The packages themselves are also hidden away so you have to ask the cashier to get one for you, or get them out of a special kind of vending machine.

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Minced soy meat

Did a small shopping haul for tomorrows recipe video. Cant wait to share it with you guys. I was gonna make it today, but the sun started to go down as I was about to film so I decided to postpone the whole thing instead. 😉


Anyhoo, we made tacos instead and I have to say the end result turned out amazing!! I want to share with you a little secret that has changed my life for the better. There is this thing called “Soya Mince”. Unfortunately I ate it all before I remembered to take a picture of it, but here is the package. These soy pieces are dried and can be shelved for ever(-ish), just like rice and lentils.

IMG_1502 When you use them you combine it with twice the amount of water. So for instance if you use 1 cup soya mince, you add 2 cups water. Boil everything up, add some taco spices, stirr, turn off the heat and put to the side for 10 minutes. When the soya mince have absorbed all the water it looks, feels and tastes like minced meet. Its just PERFECT for taco nights.

If you’re a non-vegan, know that this type of meat is very practical to have lying around since it takes years for it to “go bad”.

My boyfriend have been working nonstop for 2 weeks now with transcribing interviews for his masters degree thesis. After a well deserved rest/sleep, he woke up to this:


If you miss minced meat or just want a little convenience in your everyday life, give this one a try. I highly recommend it 🙂