My name is Kim-Andreas Herøy and I was born and raised in Bergen, Norway. Starting a website and a blog was a dream of mine for a while, which I made a reality in 2015. The topics I cover here mainly revolve around veganism, but also other things.

I believe in being true to one self and live according to ones values. To me, being vegan is an extension of my compassion and ethics. Veganism is not directly about food. It´s a way of life that seeks to exclude harm and suffering as much as possible, both to my myself and my surroundings. This excludes meat, eggs, cheese, fish, wool, feather, leather, animal testing, zoos, marine parks, certain types of animal breedings, certain circuses, and so on.

A combination of a lot things made me go vegan. The first thing was an intervju with Ellen Degeneres where she mentions the documentary Earthlings. After watching it I was in complete shock about the state of the planet and wanted to learn more. I also found out that 4 out of 5 heart attacks could be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle. Since heart disease runs in my family it made reconsider my diet. I eventually saw a presentation by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau which then led me to her Food For Thought Podcast. After that there was no hiding it. On 1st of July 2014, I was vegan.

I also have a YouTube-channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpms0RJuJAslegiM2kliLA) where I try and inspire people in their everyday life with recipes, funny vids and information so please check that out!



I hope you enjoy your stay here and I wish you happy scrolling!