Yulin Dog Meat Festival


Having vacation is AMAZING! Since I woke up today I have been in bed for three hours, just scrolling through the newsfeed, Snapchat, 9gag, Instagram, and Facebook. The last post I read contained a video which left an impression on me and that was regarding the dog meat festival in Yulin. I expected to see dogs tightly packed in small cages, that they were skinned alive, or grilled on stakes. What I witnessed, however, was dogs put in bags and weighed. You might be thinking; “There was no blood or gore so, what’s the problem?”. Well, the problem was this little warning that was presented before you opened the video saying; “This video may show violent or disturbing content”.

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Food, IBD and vision problems

As I’m writing this post I’m wearing an eye patch. I never thought IBD could lead to vision problems and even worse, I never thought my medical doctor wouldn’t know about it. It seems like the mainstream medical community haven’t caught up on the science regarding IBD. This lead me to try other things that I wouldn’t think of before and I’m getting better every single day as a result. Today I want to write a little about my very slow journey towards remission after battling Ulcerative Colitis for the last two and a half years, so stick around if you want to know more about that.

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Veganism is not practical


people-2587600_1920After my mom passed away in February last year, my life has changed drastically. She moved to Spain when I was around 17 years old after my sister denied her from seeing her grandchild. This eventually lead to my sister cutting my mom out of her life. I, however, kept the contact with both of them and I’ve been renting my moms apartment here in Norway ever since. Fast forward 15 years later I then found myself in a predicament where I might be without a home because my sister might claim my mom’s apartment instead of letting me buy her share out. My sister has always been somewhat greedy and aggressive when it comes to money, and during the inheritance, she showed me her true colors. After she lied to me and broke agreements, I confronted her about it. She ended up cutting me out of her life. I told her that after the bad treatment I had gotten from her I had no problem with not seeing her again. However, I contacted her husband to try and make him talk some sense into my sister so we could finish our inheritance work. He answered: “You don’t have to say anything Kim. I already know everything. I don’t have the need to listen to your side of the story and I don’t want anything to do with you.”… I was shocked and speechless. How do you react to something like that? I had babysat his children, been to every birthdays and Christmases, attended church with them, seen graduations. I had also been driving his wife, to the hospital when he didn’t feel like it, twice, and I had known them for 25 years. I tried contacting my niece and nephew, but there was total silence. I tried contacting their grandparents, and there was no answer. How can someone just be erased from the family without being listened to? I have a theory to why, and it might partially be because I am vegan…

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Relieving symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (proctitis). Since then I’ve been trying to figure out what foods I need to avoid. The pills I was taking to relieve my symptoms had stopped working so I was kind of desperate to figure out triggers for my illness. I told myself three years ago, as long as I can stay vegan I will. But when I got the diagnose I started eating salmon to see if it would help relieve my symptoms. I only ate fish for a couple of weeks, but then I came across a blog post by Jill Collett from Pamela Popper’s website, The Wellness Forum. Jill’s story was almost identical to mine, except I had just had my disease for a little over a year and she had it for 20 years. Once I started following her advice, after three weeks my symptoms reversed. I no longer bleed, I no longer have to run to the bathroom or have pain eating spicy foods. Here is what I did.

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