Yulin Dog Meat Festival


Having vacation is AMAZING! Since I woke up today I have been in bed for three hours, just scrolling through the newsfeed, Snapchat, 9gag, Instagram, and Facebook. The last post I read contained a video which left an impression on me and that was regarding the dog meat festival in Yulin. I expected to see dogs tightly packed in small cages, that they were skinned alive, or grilled on stakes. What I witnessed, however, was dogs put in bags and weighed. You might be thinking; “There was no blood or gore so, what’s the problem?”. Well, the problem was this little warning that was presented before you opened the video saying; “This video may show violent or disturbing content”.

All over the world people eat meat and other animal products and personally, I don’t care what people chose to eat in their own homes. I constantly see pictures on Facebook of animals being hunted, skinned and butchered. It then puzzles me that a video that shows the capturing and weighing of dogs is marked as “disturbing”. If you’ve seen Earthlings, then you’ve seen some disturbing content. That documentary needs to have a warning label on it, in my opinion, due to all the graphic and disturbing content. But, when a moose is shot, hung up and skinned, it is perfectly fine to post a picture about it on Facebook, and you might also be congratulated and applauded.

To make this perfectly clear; I can handle watching the worst of the worst when it comes to abusing non-human animals. I attended hunts as a kid and a teenager so, pictures of slaughtered animals does not bother me. Like I already stated, my problem is not what people choose to eat in their own homes. The problem is, however, the hypocrisy when we censor one animal’s suffering and applaud another’s.

In my opinion, this form of cognitive dissonance is very common, both in my home country Norway and other places in the world. We see animal skin, also called “fur” or “leather”, sold in stores, even rabbit keychain furs are viewed as “cute” but are made from the skin rabbits. Meat is the muscle of animals, and we know all these things. This is the reason why it is so provocative that we accept all these this daily events but need to put warning labels on dogs that are being captured and put in bags.

In my opinion, either put warning labels on all these things or not at all. It is important that we see things as they are. In other words, call a spade a spade…


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