English exam

(excerpt from my English exam today)

Imagine you’re in the woods and the sun is shining through the leaves. You feel the warmth of its rays brushing gently on your face. Your children are laughing in the distant while they play with the water that is running down the river. The trees tempt you with a bright, yellow mango, ready to be plucked. As you reach for it, you hear your daughter screaming her lungs out: “Mommy, mommy, help! He’s grabbing me!!!” As you turn around, your daughter vanishes into a… thing that you’ve never seen before. It’s shiny and makes a loud sound. You run as fast as you can towards this thing, but it vanishes in the horizon, along with your daughter… When the brits created colonies all over the world, many Native Americans and Aborigines’ life was destroyed. The brits wanted to save the souls of these “savages” so they went after their kids. They literally had a “drive-by- kid-napping”, and the parents didn’t have chance to stop them. In the film “Rabbit Proof Fence” we see how three daughters’ life change after being kidnapped by the white men. They end up escaping the facility they’re put in and start walking the long journey back home. In the short story of “Lullaby”, written by the storyteller Leslie Marmon Silko, we learn how the Native Americans also go through this similar fate, but the outcome is much grimmer than in “Rabbit Proof Fence”. In this long answer, I will point out similarities and differences in both stories and give you a deeper understanding of what these indigenous people went through.

(let’s hope I pass my written exam :o)

Edited on January 9th 2017

Got a B on my written exam and an A on my oral exam. I’ve decided to study English instead at the University this summer 🙂

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