Critical thinking, source checking and copyright

I haven’t written in a while and one of the reasons for that is because I’ve spent a lot of time checking for information about how to write an article and make videos without getting into any copyright problems. I’ve already made a video addressing this issue a while ago (see below for link). So I want to address briefly some of the challenges that have come up when trying to create content.


In the beginning when I started my website and YouTube-channel, the amount of research I had to do in order to just post one video or blog post, was staggering. I never thought having copyrighted pictures hanging in the background in my videos, the use of music, using pictures for my blog posts, showing people’s faces when filming, could create problems. I had to pretty much take a self taught course in basic journalism in order to create anything. For example, the American Heart Association have a disclaimer on their website that says you can’t use any of their content without their permission. Basically if you want to use the information on their website, you have to ask for permission, wait for up to 10 workdays for a reply, and jump back and fourth before you get a satisfying answer. Only THEN can you start writing whatever you wanted to write about. There is also a “Fair Use”-law in the US that looks good on paper, but does not really work in real life. Norway don’t have this law, so what do you do then? YouTube also have their own set of rules you need to follow, so basically it can be very confusing to figure out what laws and rules matter. It’s truly a shame that it has to be this hard, but it is how it is. I can’t change that so I’ll just have to make the best out of it. I’ve therefor decided that I’m not going to stress out about creating content on a regular basis for my YT-channel and blog. I’ll just take the time I need and only have YT-ing and blogging as a hobby when I’m able to.


When I watch videos of Freelee the Banana Girl and Onision, I’m amazed at the rate they can produce content. For me it takes a whole lot of time to just find information about something and when I’ve first found the information I want to use, I need to find out about copyright/terms of use. I do have to say, however, that I’ve come a long way from where I started so I’ve noticed that it gets easier the more I do it.


In the beginning when creating my website, I didn’t want to “clutter” the blog post with tons of links to the sources I had quoted, so I conveniently left them out. At a later time, I started using hyperlinks (where you can click a word, like “Onision” above). But I also don’t want the links to be “dead” which is what happens when you update a website or move the location of the information. I’ve come to terms with at this point in time, there is not much I can do about dead links. Hyperlinking to the source is “cleaner” in my opinion, but if a dead link occurs one day, then so be it.

Critical thinking

It’s very important for me that we have all the facts and seek out the experts on whatever topic we want to present. For example, I looked at the medical doctor education to see how much nutrition they learn. I’ve found out that if they learn any nutrition at all, it’s usually one or two courses during a period of 6-8 years. Therefore I’ve come to terms with when it comes to nutrition, it’s highly dangerous to ask advice from a medical doctor. Instead, going to someone that has a masters degree in for example clinical nutrition, makes a lot more sense. I think that the audience deserves a presentation of where I got the information and why I chose that particular source, so in the future I will try and provide this to my best abilities.

“Cleaning up”

Because my experience with social media is a ever lasting learning prossess, I may have to do a little bit of “clean up” in my old posts. However, I do not want to delete any of my old posts, but instead maybe add some information under the actual blog post itself. It’s important for me to show where I was and how far I’ve come because it was very difficult for me to find information about that topic when starting my website. Leaving old posts as they are will show new content creators where I was and where I am now. I see a lot of people delete the old content they don’t like, but that’s something I want to try and avoid. The information about veganism however, will always be updated, but my blog posts might get a “revised” version so to speak.

Final words

That being said, I feel more relaxed about creating content now. It’s not as stressing anymore and I do think it will be more consistent (to some degree) and maybe (hopefully) a little bit better quality. I also have some recipes that are ready to be filmed, but I will do that once all my school work calms down a bit.

On a side note, for 2 years now I wanted to study nature science with major in chemistry, but lately, having English in school again (I’m improving my grades) have really awoken the inner writer and journalist within me. Who knows, I may change my mind of what to study when summer of 2017 comes! 😮


2 thoughts on “Critical thinking, source checking and copyright

    • Hi Sammie and sorry for the super late reply. I’m currently studying for my exams so I haven’t been showing my blog any love lately ^_-

      I don’t know what guest post are. Can you elaborate?



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