Getting comfy talking to my camera

One of the things that’s been fascinating me for a while now is how comfortable YouTubers are talking to their camera when they’re walking by themselves around tons of people. You’re literally talking to yourself like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Personally I do appreciate it when people take their cameras with them during hiking and then tell a story, so I figured today I’m going to take my camera with me for a walk and… talk to it 😮 Here is the result:

2 thoughts on “Getting comfy talking to my camera

  1. Love it!! I was thinking that maybe you could change your perspective on feeling uncomfortable talking behind the camera in public to thinking that you’re entertaining on both sides of the camera! After all it is entertaining and fun to see someone filming and talking to the camera as you saw people reacting to you. People in Bergen will start recognizing you and start to ask what you’re filming and news will spread of your blog!! 😆


    • Yeah, I’m hoping that I will become comfortable at some point. I mean, I have no problem being in front of the camera when I’m in a movie/TV-serie as an extra, but talking to the camera in public is kind of a big deal XD What seems to be working is thinking of you guys!! 😀


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