Painting the livingroom + Cats +What I Ate Part 4

New vid out! Only one more to go then I’m done with this series 🙂

3 thoughts on “Painting the livingroom + Cats +What I Ate Part 4

  1. Hi Kim!! Wow, this has been such a huge project!! I love your apartment and it’s going to look so great when it’s finished. I love the windows in your living room too. I was wondering if you had any cat trees for the kitties, I bet they would just love a couple of them (one for each =))) in front of those windows so they could hang out in your living room with you and watch the world go by. Also, have you seen how people put shelving on the walls for kitties? My husband just put a bunch on our living room wall so that when we finally bring our new cat into the rest of the house him and his brother will have plenty of vertical space to hang out on. It’s supposed to make kitties really happy and secure, especially if you have more than one. I could send you a pic if you want to see what we did…

    Your pizza and buns look delicious, I love the toppings you chose!! Your boyfriend is so lucky to have such a good chef in the house!!!!

    Please don’t stop with the vids!!! I love seeing what you are up to, whatever it happens to be <333!!! And I want to see the finished living room!! (only if you have time ;)))

    Thank you for sharing Kim!!!


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  2. Waoh Kelly, thank you so much for your lovely words!! 😀

    We will definitely put up some cat-shelving-climbing-goodness in the future, however, at the moment both of us are kind of broke so we need to save up some money first ^_- In time, in time 😀

    The living room is pretty much done, except for some tiles and curtains, but I havent finished editing the video yet. Hopefully it wont be so long until the next one comes up. I have some more free time now expect some more vids heading your way!!

    ❤ Kim


  3. I hear you, all the kitty accoutrement can add up in no time! It seems like it’s all we spend money on and it’s breaking the bank! But we are desperate to do whatever we can to get our guys in the same room. It’s almost been a year since we got the new cat and we probably still have about 2-3 weeks til we open the doors and our old cat is still not happy about it. It’s been so difficult!! But worth it.

    Can’t wait to see the living room!!! Looking forward to all your vids as always!!



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