Eating outside

When you just made dinner and the weather outside is amazing, what do you do? Bring dinner with you and eat outside of course!! Norway at it’s finest 🙂

3 thoughts on “Eating outside

  1. Wow Kim!!! I don’t know how you do it, I smiled through that entire video!!! You are so talented, I swear that was magical. From the beginning to the end, loved, loved, loved it. You’re not kidding, what a beautiful evening that was. And your town looks like it’s in a fairytale. What a beautiful castle and magical grounds.

    I’ve always wanted to see Norway. In high school my best friend was an exchange student from Oslo. She ended up staying for two years because her mom passed away the end of the first year that she was here =((( but we were very close. I’m so sad to say that we’ve lost touch over the years, but Norway has held a special place in my heart. It’s so beautiful..

    Thanks for making me happy, love love love the music too😊


    Kelly (sorry if it seems like I’m stalking you😳)


    • Aaawh Kelly, you’re sweet 🙂 I really love Norway. I’m lucky to have grown up here. However, in my hometown, Bergen, we have insane amounts of rain. But that’s probably why there is such luscious forests and fields 🙂 Also, the king has his own gartners to take care of his property so it always looks amazing over there. ^_-

      And please, continue stalking. That’s what social media is for 😛


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