Burning down the house!

If you pay attention to politics or read the news, you’ve probably learned there is a civil war going on in Syria where 11 million people are on the run. These people are now seeking refuge in other places. Norway have decided to take in another 8000 refugees within the year 2017. I have to say I was really proud of Norway for doing this, but recently there have been activities going on so shocking that made me question the Norwegian people.

When the refugees arrive, they’re taken to a asylum vicinity while their background are being checked. If they “fail” the tests, so to speak, they’re sent out of the country and if they’re “approved”, the government will find a place for them to live. However, when the government announced where these asylum vicinities are located, people started burning them down.

When growing up I was bullied for many years due to my sexuality. I quickly learned that even though people liked me, they often did the mainstream thing in order to not get bullied themselves so I never really knew if they would be nice to me one day or bully me the next. Being original during school was is a risk sport. People get indoctrinated from birth that it’s so important that we are all equal so when you stand out, it can be a scary thing.

Since I was frozen out of the group I started hanging with other people in the same situation like people who were obese, short, immigrants and other “freaks”. I’ve always identified with people who weren’t accepted for who they were. People I typically hung out with was from Albania, Palestina, Vietnam, India, Africa and so on. When I talked to them and heard they had been through a war, it made the “problems” here in Norway so insignificant.

Later I also started training capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. The trainers we had were former street children who had been abusing drugs, selling their bodies and seeing their friends getting shot. Capoeira, and a really dedicated organization, helped them get back at their feet.

When I hear a unemployed single mom earns more than I do working a 9-5 job here in Norway or that someone in the oil industry can pay down a house mortgage in 4 years, I frankly get a little bit pissed off that they complain so much when we try and help people who are less fortunate than us. It seems like they are great at taking, but not giving. The recipe is always the same. They always start out their sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…” then they come up with generalizing arguments like: “Muslims are idiots, muslims deserve what they get”… which is the exact same reason why I was bullied for 6 years. “Gays are idiots, gays deserve what they get” and so on.


For example, I remember one time in class in early high school the teacher accused someone in the class for stealing her keys. She had always kept them in the left pocket in her backpack. “I expect that by the time I’m back, those keys will be in my backpack” she said. When she left the class room, I went over to her back pack and check the right pocket… Lo and behold, there they were at the bottom of the pocket. I sat down again, the teacher came in, checked her backpack and found her keys. We all had to write anonymous notes about what we “saw”. To my big surprise, a lot of the people in my class had “seen” that I put something in the backpack, something shiny. They also “heard” a key chain noise. Almost the whole class wrote different versions of this story and so I was eventually sent to the principal’s office and the school psychologist. All because the majority “saw” and “heard” something that wasn’t true…

When I hear these “concerned” Norwegians being interviewed on TV it’s like being right back in the class room. They start making up “facts”, follow the status quo and start generalizing.

Michael Moore started a “We Are All Muslim” movement to rebell against Donald Trump running for president. Donald wants to ban all muslims from entering America. This mentality is just like how Hitler was in the beginning with the jews. I’m certain the people that burn down the asylums here in Norway have the same mentality. Since I’m vegan, was bullied for 6 years and have a boyfriend, I think I qualify as an outsider of whats the norm/mainstream/traditional. I know discrimination when I see it.

Norway is pretty high on the list when it comes to having atheists and agnostics compared to the rest of the planet. Some say: “Why should we take in more muslims when their country wound NEVER take people like us in?!” I think that way of thinking is just stupid. Hate grows hate, but compassion grows compassion. I say be the change you want to see in the world. Sure some muslims believe that women should be covered up and gays are just animals, but there are also atheists that thinks that. Whats most important  is that we always keep state and religion separated. That way we increase the chances of a non-discriminating and neutral law. We are facing the biggest humanitarian crisis the world has seen and we need to show compassion to our fellow humans, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Tomorrow it might be us asking for help. If we don’t stand up and help people now, who’s gonna offer help to us tomorrow?


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