Circumcision – Should it be legal?

Obviously this topic revolves around an act that is usually pushed through for religious reasons, so lets start off with a potential bias: I’m an atheist. Should that automatically rule me out from having an opinion about circumcision? I dont think it should so here is what I have to say about it:

Not long ago, Norway decided to separate the state and Church. Basically, employees in the churches are no longer hired through the Norwegian government. Since we are so many people on the planet, this kind of separation is in my opinion necessary to avoid many forms of discrimination. Holy books can be interpreted in many different ways so we need a neutral law that is separated from religion.

Now that being said, some of you might be thinking: “This Kim probably hates religious people. He shouldn’t speak on behalf of them/us!”

Well actually, religion was one of my favorite classes at high school. Even though I dont believe in any divine creatures, it always fascinated me how far someone is willing to go for what they believe in. Also the stories that religion has to offer is kinda exciting, but in the end to me they’re ultimately fairy tails, just like Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. However I always say: “If it makes you a better person and no one is getting hurt, go for it!”

Most people probably agree on that religion is a personal matter. Many religions say its not enough to just do gods bidding like go to church, pray, dont break the rules, donate money, etc. You also have to believe!! The latter cannot be forced on someone. They have to discover it for themselves.

That being said, just because your mother, brother or daughter is religious, doesn’t automatically mean you are. This also means that you cant really know that someone is religious until they are old enough to grasp the concept.

In my country it would be illegale if someone drugged me and performed circumcision surgery on me against my own will. However when its done to baby boys its perfectly fine as long as its for religious reasons. Its also illegale to perform circumcision on girls/woman, but not on boys/men. This type of logic just baffles me.

Some argue that circumcision can help against sexual diseases. However no major health organizations advice for or against circumcision from a health perspective. Making a permanent or drastic change to the body like tattooing, sex, changing gender, etc, usually has a age limit. If you are old enough to have sex, you’re probably old enough to make a decision if you want circumcision or not…

When the Norwegian government decided this year that its not only legal to perform circumcision on babies/boys but also that medical personell have to perform the surgery when parents ask them, the government no longer separate state from religion… Too me this is a step back in the wrong direction because if we allow this, where will it end? Will young girls also be forced to wear a burqa their whole life? Dont get me wrong, I dont mind woman wearing burqas if its a choice, but if its forced on them its a form of discrimination.

Also according to a video from Dr Greger from, Americas 3rd leading cause of death is the health care system, due to all of the accidents that happen in the hospitals. Risking mutilation on a child for someone else’s religious beliefs, should in my opinion not me allowed. I say let the kids grow up and let them make an informative decision, when they are old enough, whether to get a circumcision or not.

By the way, interestingly enough, when I translate circumcision from Norwegian to english I get “Circumcision” and “Genital Mutilation”.

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