“Cowspiracy” in Norway

After I watched the documentary Cowspiracy, I started wondering if Norway also conveniently ignores the environmental problems. In the documentary they say that 2,500 gallons of water is required to produce one pund of beef. In other words, just eating one hamburger is the equivalent of showering two entire months! So here is what I did:

I sent an email to the Norwegian Water organization (www.norskvann.no) about why they didn’t mention anything about the leading cause of water loss (animal agriculture) on their website. I mean they do mention that you can switch to a water saving shower head to save water, but nothing about animal agriculture. To my surprise they replied:

I’ts a known fact that eating meat is in general considered bad for the environment compared to eating vegetarian. We have chosen not to focus on animal agriculture since lack of water is not a problem in Norway.

Then I responded:

If lack of water is not a problem in Norway, why do you write on your website about how to save water by repairing a dripping shower head?“…

No answer… FOR SIX MONTHS!!! I kept sending back emails trying to get them to reply, but unfortunately they dont need to respond so they choose to ignore me instead. It seems like when you dont have to answer, you dont… when it becomes “too difficult” that is. Seems like it’s not just a problem in America. :/

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