Dinner today and future videos

I’ve taken a good look at other people’s YouTube-channels and it seems like the ones that make really successful food-channels don’t mix their everyday life with their cooking recipes. Of course there are exceptions, but for me it seems “cleaner” in a way, and also more organized to have one channel for food and another one for other stuff. Therefore I’ve come to terms with creating another channel dedicated only for food. It will be more work, but I’m sure I can handle it. The name of the channel is a secret so stay tuned for that. ^_-

Speaking of food, here is what me and the bf ate today. Nachos with vegan cheese, beans and taco spices. The guacamole is from “The Vegan Corner”, which is AMAZING!! If you want to know how to make it, click here.

Nachos & guacamole 2 IMG_1296

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