Unemployment and Tiny Houses

At the moment we’re having problems in the oil industry here in Norway. A ton of people who’ve had REALLY good salaries for a long time are losing their jobs. When you go from a secure job with high pay, to nothing, it can be pretty scary. For many, you don’t just loose your job, but you also loose a part of your identity. Even though we have good social services here, you still might end up selling your house, taking a job you hate and start from scratch again.

Personally I feel there is no such thing as a “secure” job. Society is constantly changing and I find often that yesterdays advice is outdated tomorrow. The experts say to study this and that, but by the time you finish your education they recommend something else.

People who go for their dreams and don’t let society tell them what to do (or not to do), have always fascinated me. I’ve often felt that I have no clue what to be when I grow up. “Should I try many different jobs to see whats out there or stick to one and work my way up? Should I get an education and if so, do I get something safe or something risky that I REALLY love?” Thoughts like these have flown around in my head for many years and seeing people really going for their dream is truly inspiring.

The United States have had their share of unemployment. If you loose your job and/or don’t have the right insurance, you could loose everything and end up in a lifetime of dept. The dream of having a home that you can call your own without worrying about losing it all, is unfortunately not for everyone… or is it?

There is this tiny-tiny little movement emerging. It’s popping up on the mountains, near the lakes, heck even in your neighbors backyard. It’s called: The Tiny House Movement.

Tiny houses

Wouldn’t it be great to pay for a house with a single payment and take it with you wherever you want? For very little money you can do just that. This emerging trend of portable homes is getting more and more popular around the world, from New Zealand to USA. Since tiny houses are so flexible and cheap, people are rethinking their lives in ways that wasn’t possible to them before. From students and lawyers to families and artists, these homes seems to be a life changer.

A tiny house is basically a very small home, often made on wheels. You still have a shower, toilet, stove, freezer and a bed, just in less space. However you do have to downsize your life. Things like clothes, kitchen tools, music instruments, cosmetics and art only gets a place in the tiny house if it serves a purpose. Some say it can be hard downsizing in the beginning, but eventually the burden of clinging onto “stuff” fades away and it becomes liberating. Many tiny houses are self sustainable, meaning they collect rainwater from the roof and electricity from the sun. When you have the choice to put your house almost wherever you want, you also get the option to grow your own food.

Some of the solutions I’ve seen are pretty stunning and I can totally understand how people live this way. Take a look at this hOMe for example from Gabriella and Andrew Morrison:


This smart couple decided to step away from “The American Dream” and downsize 90% of their stuff to start living a simpler life. They designed their new hOMe and carefully planned every inch of it. Now, being dept-free and having more time and money on their hands, they enjoy traveling and spending time together as a family. They both work from hOMe and as you can see in the pictures, they have pretty much everything a normal household have. There is storage-room cleverly placed under the steps leading to the bedroom.

Trapp 3 Stige

Their bathroom has a composting toilet, a shower, a sink, and the water gets automatically collected from their well outside.

Speil Do Dusj

The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator and plenty of storage room.

Trapp 2 Tiny-House-Photo-hOMe-19Tiny-House-Photo-hOMe-10

And the bedroom is super-cozy.

Tiny-House-Photo-hOMe-05 (1) Bed

One very important thing they do recommend is if you’re going to have a pets, do get a tiny ones. 🙂


If you want to see a tour-guide of their house, check out their YouTube-video below. I’ve also added a couple more tiny house-videos that really caught my eye.

Gabriella & Andrew’s house

Brett Sutherland’s house

Shaye & Tom’s house

Is the future maybe a world of tiny houses? For many, definitely yeah. I think it represents hope and freedom for a lot of people in a time where the future is uncertain. And when you can get a house as stunning as in these videos, I’m sure more and more people will consider it.

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