Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast – Food for Thought

Being blunt, arrogant and judgemental are some of the ways to advocate a vegan lifestyle. Even though this “style” of advocacy appeals to some people, personally it turns me off. In my opinion, one of the best ways to forward a point across is via humor! I think most people like to laugh and when they think about vegans they might think of them as angry, sensitive, crybabies/hippies. That’s how I actually viewed vegans before I went vegan myself (seriously, I’m not kidding).

I come from a background of animal agriculture, hunting, fishing and I was also the biggest meat eater in the world. I didn’t have a problem with killing animals, de-feathering/filleting them, cooking them and eating them. Pretty much everyone was shocked that I, of all people, became vegan. The weirdest thing though was that I also viewed myself as the biggest animal lover in the world. I loved nature (still do!) and animals always fascinated me.

After watching Ellen Degeneres´ interview where she recommended people to watch Earthlings, I started looking more and more into veganism. Eventually it led me to Colleen’s podcast “Food for Thought”. Here was where I for the first time learned that cows NEED TO BE PREGANT in order to produce milk!!!… -.- Man, I gotta say I felt SO stupid after learning that as a 29 year old… But Colleen talks about veganism in a non-judgemental way and it’s sort of like she is the cool teacher you remember from high-school. I brought Colleen and her podcast with me on my walks, runs, around the house, even to bed!!

If you haven’t heard of Colleen or her podcast, I recommend checking out her podcast. She has a gentle approach and a good sense of humor. A funny thing, as I was writing this blogpost I was listening to her episode; “Nine-year Anniversary Podcast – A Super-Duper Lovefest”. Then suddenly “(…) This one is from Kim (…)”. She actually read the letter I sent her a while back AS I WAS WRITING THIS BLOG-POST ABOUT HER!! XD (freaky, I know) You can hear it at the end: 1.02.07. Another funny thing, she thinks I’m a woman since I wrote “Best wishes, Kim”. 😀

Totally unrelated, the featured image is a scrambled tofu I made. The recipe is coming in the near future (hopefully). 😉

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