Taco night and the 6th mass extinction

So I’m eating tacos and came across a report on how the planets 6th mass extinction is already underway — and we’re the cause. The researches says we could advert this crisis by reducing our meat intake and to not buy products that threaten species.

Many species have gotten extinct for a while now and since the leading cause of deforestation, global warming, mass extinction, dead zones in the oceans and water pollution is animal agriculture, this isn’t really news to most vegans. One could argue that this is the most important reason to go vegan since it threatens all life on Earth. “Reducing” the meat intake is not enough to save the planet. A standard western diet could only feed 2 billion people and with 7 billion people on the planet, i’ts easy to see what we need to do.

It’s also very frustrating that it takes so loooooong before change happens. I believe the marketing strategy of the meat, dairy and egg industry plays a BIG role in this, but also politics. I think most governments are a reflection of the people so in order to change the government and politics, the most logical thing to do is to educate the people. That’s one of the reason why I started this website, to put light on this very important topic and to help others transition to veganism, healthfully and deliciously.

I would really like to post vegan recipes made by other bloggers on my recipe-page, but I’m still learning about copyrights so it takes time to get the ball rolling. I also want to share my own recipes, however since I also plan on creating my own cookbook someday, I dont want to share all of them just yet.

The Three “T”s = “Things Take Time”, seems to be the keyword in this blogpost. 😉

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