Veganism page finally done!! + romantic dinner


Just finished my first page: Veganism!! I’ve been editing, re-editing, drinking wine, deleting, editing, crying… re-editing, for a while now, but I finally feel satisfied with it! Since veganism is such a huge topic I decided to divide it into three sections, (The Animals, The Environment, The People) so there will be more information coming at a later time in the sub-menus.


One of the problems with me is that it´s very rare I’m original. If I’m going to create a recipe I usually look at 3-5 other recipes then create my own. Creating something out of thin air has never been my strong side. Building my recipe page can therefore become a time consuming task.

There is also a whole lot of amazing food-bloggers out there that do a much better job at creating recipes than me. Instead of only creating my own recipes, I will also promote their awesome dishes. Starting with the most EPIC dinner I’ve had in a very long time that went down mah belly a couple of hours ago!!  The Vegan Singapore-Inspired Curry Lentils from Mary’s Test Kitchen. Along with some sparkly sake, it made the evening for me and my boyfriend pretty much perfect!

Mary is a well established YouTuber and she has the best recipes I have ever tasted! I’m always exited to try new things from her and I highly recommend checking out her YouTube-channel!

Future posts

For a while now I’ve been gathering information about certain topics I would like to cover here on my blog. I wont reveal all of them now, but one of them is about the medical system and nutrition. There is a lot of controversy around these topics so I think it will be interesting to write about. I also can’t wait to get my camera and start making videos!! That’s gonna be a lot of fun! 😀

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