Learning to blog

Learning about how to use WordPress sure takes time, but I must say I find myself enjoying spending time on this. It feels great organizing all of my ideas into one platform. As much as I would like to just write, I do have to plan ahead a little bit on the layout of the website. I´m quite happy with the one I´m using now (the nucleare theme).

“You have 2 new comments on your post” OMG, I was so exited there for a second, but when I checked them it was just spam. I have a feeling I will get a lot of those in the future…

Dinner today is a rice & lentil casserole with toast. Muy bien! I love putting tons of vegetables in a pot. It´s so easy and it´s great to not have too much to wash afterwards. Gonna go back to working on my website now so have a nice day!


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